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My objective for my clients is to work with them on their core wish and to then use my skills to explore the prism of possibilities. Each ambition that develops into a project should be ambitious; for this we need to move beyond our limits. The intention is to create the best of all possibilities, and for this the arrow of ambition must be precise and aimed far beyond the target.



art painting/Ink work

Richard Colombel studied Art for 9 years in Paris, he was accepted at the National Art Decoratifs school in Paris and graduated with a distinction in 1990. Richard's work in oil painting and drawings has been frequently exhibited. Experienced in logos, design and calligraphy, he has worked for French TV in Paris and as a designer for an Archaeology site. In order to build and perfect his skills in representing the hu,an body in art Richard spent 7 years studying and drawing nudes and a year drawing corpses in Hôpital salle Pêtrière Paris. 

It was around this time that he became a Buddhist monk and withdrew into a hermitage where he lived for seven years. His training and meditation has developed his vision and has nourished his way of painting and his approach to architecture.

He then worked for 8 years as an art director in communications for a cultural European Buddhist Center DKL (France, Dordogne) and 8 years as an assistant architect in India and Nepal for W.Kroeger agency (Sharminub Institut KTM Nepal). Since 2012, he has worked as a painter and designer, he lives with his wife in Berlin.